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Wrongful Death Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Few things in life are more upsetting than when a loved one passes away unexpectedly. And when that death is caused by the careless and reckless actions of another person, the tragedy is compounded many times over.

Although nothing can bring your loved one back, you can seek some measure of comfort by seeking damages against those parties who are responsible for your loss. The key is being able to prove that they were negligent. Cases such as these are complicated and the stakes are high which is why you must retain the best possible wrongful death attorney to represent you.

At The Wilmer Law Group, we have represented numerous clients in working through the grief of a fatal accident involving a beloved family member. Our reputation as one of Arizona’s premier fatal accident law firms is well earned. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you be compensated for your loss by seeking settlements for pain and suffering, medical bills, funeral expenses, a loss of companionship, a loss of future earnings and other related funds your family may be entitled to receive.

For us to win a case, we must focus on proving negligence on the part of the defendant. It is our job to show that a person acted outside the boundaries of what would be considered safe and acceptable behavior. By doing so, they breached a standard of care directly related to the victim, creating a situation that led to the person’s death. A wrongful death can happen in many ways, from killing a person while driving drunk, to acting recklessly on a construction site or even driving a boat in an unsafe manner on a lake or in the ocean.

With our help, you can recover from the shock and sadness associated with the death of a loved one, helping you to heal and resume a normal life to the highest possible degree.

The Wilmer Law Firm serves clients in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and nearby Arizona communities.