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Worker’s Compensation Information

The Industrial Commission of Arizona is the state agency that administers workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” program that allows injured workers to collect medical and compensation benefits no matter how they were injured on the job or who was at fault as long as certain eligibility criteria are met. Workers’ compensation also allows a claimant to receive permanent benefits and job training in some instances.

The Claims division regulates insurance carriers and self-insured employers and makes sure that workers receive benefits they are entitled to under Arizona Workers’ Compensation laws. The Claims division cannot render legal advice, but they are available to claimants for general assistance regarding state rules and regulations.

The Administrative Law Judge division is charged with resolving legal disputes that arise during workers’ compensation disputes. Impartial judges must resolve a variety of issues regarding the continuation of benefits, loss of earning capacity, reopening claims, long-term care and other related matters. Claimants who want to challenge the outcomes of claims must make their case in front of an ALJ. This can be a somewhat intimidating process, and so claimants are allowed to retain legal representation to assist them.

We have helped numerous claimants present the best possible case in front of an ALJ, working to secure appropriate compensation and protecting claimant’s rights while they are recovering from their workplace injuries.

Our team of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers are skilled at crafting strategies that give workers the best possible chance at receiving the maximum amount of benefits. Because we have dealt with ALJ personnel for many years, we know what to expect and how to best plan for a positive outcome for our clients.

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