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Was Your Benefits Claim Denied?

While many workplace injuries are serious, a large number of employees do eventually return to work. Sometimes it can take weeks, and sometimes it can take months. However, there are some workers who are hurt so bad that they become permanently disabled.

Arizona’s workers’ compensation recognizes this reality and does make benefits available to employees who are injured on the job and cannot return to work at all or anywhere near the same level as before. While it may be good news if you fall into this category, the unfortunate part is that it may take a long time to secure the benefits you are entitled to receive. In other instances, you may initially be denied benefits for any number of reasons, even though you could be entitled to receive them.

We are one of Arizona’s top firms when it comes to representing employees who have been denied benefit claims or who have become permanently disabled and need assistance is pursuing a workers’ compensation claim.

Through our experience, we have found that getting permanent disability or overturning a decision on a denied benefits claim can be a long and tedious process. The documentation process is extensive, and the filing of forms, hearings, reviews and appearing before administrative law judges can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are coping with a recent and permanent disability. This type of situation can put a strain on an entire family who is adjusting to a new reality and just trying to make ends meet.

We are thoroughly versed in workers’ compensation laws and can step in to relieve much of the pressure you are experiencing. We have handled hundreds of cases and our familiarity with the processes and the system can work in your favor while you adjust to your new situation.

If you have suffered a debilitating and permanent injury, or if your initial claim has been denied, contact us to discuss your options. We are ready to protect your rights and help you to regain stability going forward.