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Construction Accident Attorney

It’s been documented time and time again that doing construction work in the United States is one of the most dangerous occupations there is. Accidents happen with regularity and it is not uncommon for workers on sites to suffer all kinds of injuries ranging from falls and broken bones, to being crushed or electrocuted, or sustaining multiple injuries resulting from human error that comes while operating large pieces of equipment.

As one of Arizona’s top construction site injury law firms, We are well versed in the complexities of construction site accident cases. Accidents that take place on construction sites can have many possible accountable parties, and determining which ones are liable is an important part of any construction site personal injury case.

When a property owner turns over the management of a job to a general contractor, the contractor then assumes all liability and safety for workers on site. Construction accident attorneys will often hold the general contractor responsible for any negligent actions that take place on site, but a general contractor is just one of many parties that can be assigned blame.

We will also look at the role of sub-contractors as part of the construction site. General contractors will hire several different subs to complete specialized parts of the job, such as electrical, concrete, plumbing or steelwork. These sub-contractors may also bear much of the responsibility if an accident takes place.

In other instances, we will also look to architects and engineers to see if the project was designed poorly or if it was executed poorly while still on the drawing boards. Deficiencies in the planning stages that translate to dangerous outcomes on the actual site must be taken into account.

Other parties we look to for liability may include equipment manufacturers. Cranes, backhoes, bulldozers and other large machinery must function safely on a site, or lives could be endangered. When they fail through poor quality or a flaw in how they are built, The  Law Group is also ready to step in and protect the rights of its clients.

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