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For many people, applying for and receiving Social Security disability benefits are a critical part of their monthly income. Without these benefits, a family can quickly become financially stressed and that could have a severe negative impact on the family’s stability.

There are many reasons why you might be denied Social Security disability benefits. Some of the more common reasons are:

You make too much income. You are limited as to the amount of income you can make on a monthly basis and still qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI is for low-income people, but you must know what counts toward your limit and what does not.

Your disability does not qualify for benefits. This may be because your disability is expected to last less than 12 months or any injuries you received are expected to heal in a shorter time frame. You can appeal your denial if you can show medical reasons why your disability may stretch to a longer term.

You do not cooperate or follow a prescribed treatment plan. To qualify for benefits, you must release records to Social Security and you must follow any plan prescribed by a doctor that is intended to help you heal. There are some exceptions and an attorney can assist in making sure Social Security administrators are informed and can exempt you from following a wellness plan based on your current state of health.

Your disability is based on alcoholism or drug abuse. If your disability is self-inflicted in this way, you will probably be denied benefits.

You are convicted of a crime. If you wind up in prison, you will not be able to draw benefits. However, there are some circumstances that are exceptions to this rule. An attorney will help you figure out if you can still qualify for benefits at some point, even if you have been convicted of criminal activities.

With many years of experience in this area, we know the key points to challenge for someone who has undergone the wrongful denial of their disability claim. With our extensive knowledge of Social Security disability laws and procedures, we can give you the best chance at gaining the benefits to which you should be entitled.

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