Phoenix Social Security Lawyers

Arizona Social Security Disability Attorney, Lawyer Charles Wilmer

Not all law firms can promise personal attention by a Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney

At many law firms that handle Social Security Disability cases, your efforts at getting your well-deserved compensation will be handled by a paralegal, inexperienced legal professional, or staff member from a massive law office. This will never happen at The Wilmer Law Firm.

From your initial free consultation to the settlement of your case, either Mr. Wilmer will be in your corner and you will have direct access to them throughout your case.  At The Wilmer Law Firm, the goal is to provide a skilled attorney’s personal attention to every case and to offer the peace of mind, aggressive defense, and sophisticated knowledge of the law that comes from experience. The Phoenix disability attorneys at The Wilmer Law Firm are accomplished, respected, and highly sought after because of their reputation for excellence in Social Security Disability and the closely related area of Phoenix Workers’ Compensation law. Call 602-532-0301 to speak with your Phoenix attorney in a free consultation.

Common concerns Phoenix lawyers have seen regarding Arizona Social Security Disability cases

If you have been injured or have suffered an illness and are unable to work—for a short or long period of time—or if you are an Arizona resident with questions about Social Security Benefits or have become injured on the job and need Workers’ Compensation information, the Phoenix Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation law firm of The Wilmer Law Firm can help.

With more than three decades of experience in this area of law, with a record of success helping thousands of clients throughout Arizona, and with a dedication to personal attention to every case, The Wilmer Law Firm can offer explanations and use their experience to explain this complex area of law:

  • Do I qualify for Phoenix Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income?
  • How can I get a free Social Security case evaluation?
  • Can a lawyer help me when I am filing for disability benefits?
  • My request for Social Security benefits was denied: Is there a process for appealing denied claims?
  • I have heard many myths about Social Security? Which ones are true?
  • What do I need to know about Disabled Widows and Widowers Benefits?

Requesting Social Security Disability benefits can be excruciating if you are unfamiliar with the process. The Wilmer Law Firm has been representing clients through this process on almost a daily basis for many years. If you need access to the benefits you deserve, call the Phoenix Social Security Benefits and Workers’ Compensation Law Firm of The Wilmer Law Firm at 602-532-0301. Wherever you are in Arizona—and even if you are only a part-time resident—The Wilmer Law Firm are on your side. You’ve paid into the Social Security system; you deserve the benefits.