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Hi, my name’s Charles Wilmer Jr. At the Wilmer Law Firm. Today we’re going to talk about filling a request for hearing in an Arizona worker’s compensation case. We’ve been talking a little bit about notice of claim status and if there’s any disagreement, what you need to do, which is request a hearing before the Industrial Commission today I’m going to walk you through that process.

Specifically, the law requires that if you disagree with something contained in a notice you need to file something in writing with the Industrial Commission indicating that you disagree with the notice and you request a hearing. It can be as simple as getting a piece of paper, writing down the pertinent information with regards to your claim such as the Industrial Commission number, claim number, date of injury, your name, and indicate that you received the notice, the date of the notice, you disagree with it, you want a hearing, and sign it and date it. That has been held by the courts to be sufficient and that will initiate a hearing process.

There is also a specific form that you can download off the Industrial Commission website called the “Request for Hearing” and it has all the pertinent boxes that you need to fill in. Put in a brief statement of why you want the hearing. Then that, again, needs to be filed with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. There are two locations: one at 800 West Washington and the other one in Tucson on Broadway. If you’re getting close to the 90-day deadline I recommend that you just take the form down there personally, file it, and get a file stamped copy because that’s your protection that the thing was filed within the 90-day deadline. Because if you file it on the 91st deadline you’re most likely going to be barred from pursuing the litigation on the issue that you’re disputing.

If you find yourself with a notice and problems with what the industrial carrier insurance company is doing, please give me a call. We’ve got 25 years of experience in handling these types of cases. We can sit down; the consultation is free. I can go over it. If you need legal representation I’ll discuss that with you. We can take your case from that point.

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